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By in Fan Blog on on Mar 07, 2016

Barn Bites: Sunset at The Farm – Fan Photography Showcase

In our first Barn Bites Fan Photography Showcase we see “Sunset at The Farm” through the eyes of Wild About Barns fans from all over the country!

Sunset is easily my favorite time to be outside. Chores are done, horses munch happily on their evening hay, Chickens line themselves up to roost for the night…and the sun puts on one last glorious show before giving way to the night sky.



Thank You so much to everyone who participated!! What should next week’s theme be?

Until next time,


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RHR Arena 1800x1200

By in Fan Blog on on Jan 19, 2016

Dreams are coming true at Red Hawk Ranch

Journal Entry:
Thursday, January 14, 2016, 7 pm — rode my horses in the new indoor arena for the first time with  Jordan and Dave. A dream come true! Bucket List! Miracle! Sheer JOY!

I am 53 years old. A lifelong horse lover. And, a lifelong dreamer. A lifelong fan of BARNS!

The thought of riding my horse in competition footing 365 days a year in any type of weather — pipe dream, right? Well not anymore! All my hard work has finally paid off and I achieved a lifelong dream. And, you can too!

The arena (under construction)

The arena and round pen during construction.

What I love most about the arena (200 x 125) is being able to trot and canter my horse without constant tripping, slipping and falling all over the place from uneven ground, just makes riding so much more fun! We had the best of the best help us build our arena: Clayton Boyd Industries provided the arena structure; Ty Bains and Lawrence Morris built the 5-rail fence around the arena and Kiser Arena Specialists installed the competition arena footing. The final To-Do list will include fixing some draining issues around the arena sides, constructing metal screen doors around all three open sides, hanging Big Ass fans and installing sound system with wireless mic for clinicians — oh and big ass stereo system to boot!


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By in Fan Blog on on Jun 09, 2015

Flies: The Struggle is Real

Summer a.k.a the season when flies/mosquitoes rule my life. Flies are a constant battle for many of us who live and breathe for a life with horses. I just want my horses to be comfortable but it seems the flies just want to drive my horses INSANE. Fly spray, fly salve, fly mask, fly sheet, fly collar, fly trap, fly predator. So. Many. Flies.

Fly spray meme



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Doncaster Round barn

By in Fan Blog on on Mar 20, 2015

Kickstarter: Help WAB Finish Season One!

Hey there fellow barn lovers,

We wanted to fill you in on the latest WAB news. As you all know, we recently had our “mid-season finale” halfway through season one so that we could get back on the road to film the barns for the remaining episodes. We made it to the Texas Hill Country and to Florida. We have incredible barns lined up in Montana (like the Doncaster barn shown above) and California to finish up the season.


Co-Author of The Driftwood Legacy, 92 year old Jim Morris of Exeter, California has an incredible story worth sharing with the world... and has a great granddaughter that many of you may already recognize...

Co-Author of The Driftwood Legacy, 92 year old Jim Morris of Exeter, California has an incredible story worth sharing with the world… and has a great granddaughter that many of you may already recognize…

We can't wait to meet "Little Maggie" Jim's great granddaughter, who's pictures we frequently share on our Facebook and Instagram ( @Feedin_fairytale )

We can’t wait to meet “Little Maggie” Jim’s great granddaughter, who’s pictures we frequently share on our Facebook and Instagram ( @Feedin_fairytale )

The incredible barn at Friesian Focus, on schedule for our California trip!

The incredible barn at Friesian Focus, on schedule for our California trip!

This Greenbarn® from architect John Blackburn is also on the schedule!

This Greenbarn® from architect John Blackburn is also on the schedule!


Wild About Barns is a family business and we have been self-funded up to this point. So far 100% of our travel, production, marketing and any other costs associated with the start-up of a small business have been paid out of pocket. The creation of a television show isn’t cheap, and we’ve learned the hard way that even with a very small crew, travel and production expenses add up so quickly (400K this far, gulp). That is why we have decided to use a Kickstarter campaign to help us fund the production of the remaining episodes. Out of money and instead of throwing in the towel with an incomplete first season, we are taking a leap of faith. We love our WAB family and have faith that if enough of you get involved, if enough of you spread the word, we can finish the season with your help!


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Photo Credit: Kevin Kirkwood

By in Fan Blog on on Feb 19, 2015

It’s our Mid-Season Finale! Win a One-of-a-kind Painting!

In our next episode we meet Zach Lowry, a young film director from New York who had a grand vision of making a commercial for Coca Cola featuring a picturesque American barn. When Zach put out a request for barns that met his criteria to be used for the commercial the winning photo (shown above) belonged to Kevin Kirkwood, a Kansas farmer who runs a photography business on the side. Permission for the barn to be used in the commercial was granted by the owner and Kevin, along with several other dedicated volunteers, helped bring Zach’s vision to life. The WAB team was lucky enough to see this commercial at the 2014 Kansas Barn Fest and we wish Zach and his team the very best of luck, they have a bright future ahead of them in the film industry.

“”Flex Collective is still negotiating with Coca-Cola over the distribution of the story and commercial.” Zach Lowry, Director

Also in episode 106 we meet Jenny Armendariz, an Artist who works out of her barn/studio at Firefly Ranch. We love Jenny’s equine art so much we asked her if we could give away one of her gorgeous paintings on our Facebook page! We will be posting a picture of the painting on Tuesday the 24th at 7:35pm CST, right after the episode airs. **Like, Comment, Share** the post for the chance to win! A winner will be announced on Friday Feb. 27th! Good Luck Y’all!

Painting by Jenny Armendariz  -Firefly Ranch Art Co.

Painting by Jenny Armendariz
-Firefly Ranch Art Co.

Photo Credit: Jenny Armendariz

Photo Credit: Jenny Armendariz


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Photo Credit: Amanda Hammer

By in Fan Blog on on Jan 01, 2015

Farewell 2014 “Year of the Horse”


According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2014 was “Year of the Horse”. It seemed so appropriate to me that Wild About Barns would have it’s most incredible year of growth to date during this year. One of my favorite parts of this job is being witness to all of your incredible journeys…so I thought I would share a few of them with everyone!

Amanda Hammer Mares 2 800

(The same mares from the featured photo above, Moving to a different pasture on a cold, bluebird day. Photo Credit: Amanda Hammer, Oregon)


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LM Feature 1600

By in Fan Blog on on Dec 15, 2014

Little Maggie: A little girl and her love of horses.

About six months ago I stumbled upon an Instagram account called @Feedin_Fairytale. The picture of a small, wild-haired, blonde little girl gently caressing the cheek of a giant horse caught my eye.LM1x800

I immediately thought of some of my fondest memories of horses, standing next to them, arms around their neck, breathing in that magical horse smell…I could imagine how happy that little girl was in that moment. I continued to look through the pictures. She seemed fearless and free and you could feel her pure love of horses. While there is a 25+ year age difference between myself and this girl, I could relate to her. She just loves horses. So do I. I decided in that moment to contact the account owner (who I assumed was this little girl’s mother) and ask for permission to share her pictures on the Wild About Barns Facebook and Instagram pages.


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Al Bear Chief

By in Fan Blog on on Nov 30, 2014

Barns, Horses, Selfies: Meet Alyssa, Fan Blog Author

Hello! My name is Alyssa, the one behind Wild About Barns Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. I also assist in production, book keeping, blogging, web design and, most importantly, behind-the-scenes-selfies.

Clyde Mare Selfie

( This was Pebbles and I. She’s a lovely Clydesdale broodmare at Warm Springs Ranch )

As you can tell, I wear many hats. Wild About Barns is a family run business, so we all wear many hats. My father is the President, my stepmother is the Executive Producer, my baby sister is the Barn Coordinator, and our dogs keep the office safe and secure.

Growing up in a barn, I have spent most of my life on the back of a horse. The team at Wild About Barns loves horse people…because we are horse people. I’ve ridden most of my life and dabbled in everything from Hunter/Jumper to Endurance, Cutting to Competitive Trail.

( I ride ride any time I have the chance, even on my wedding day lol )

I plan on covering just about everything in this blog, from behind the scenes stories about severely burning toast in an RV in Kansas, to the main differences between timber frame barns and all steal construction barns. (more…)

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