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Photo Credit: Amanda Hammer

By in Fan Blog on on Jan 01, 2015

Farewell 2014 “Year of the Horse”


According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2014 was “Year of the Horse”. It seemed so appropriate to me that Wild About Barns would have it’s most incredible year of growth to date during this year. One of my favorite parts of this job is being witness to all of your incredible journeys…so I thought I would share a few of them with everyone!

Amanda Hammer Mares 2 800

(The same mares from the featured photo above, Moving to a different pasture on a cold, bluebird day. Photo Credit: Amanda Hammer, Oregon)


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LM Feature 1600

By in Fan Blog on on Dec 15, 2014

Little Maggie: A little girl and her love of horses.

About six months ago I stumbled upon an Instagram account called @Feedin_Fairytale. The picture of a small, wild-haired, blonde little girl gently caressing the cheek of a giant horse caught my eye.LM1x800

I immediately thought of some of my fondest memories of horses, standing next to them, arms around their neck, breathing in that magical horse smell…I could imagine how happy that little girl was in that moment. I continued to look through the pictures. She seemed fearless and free and you could feel her pure love of horses. While there is a 25+ year age difference between myself and this girl, I could relate to her. She just loves horses. So do I. I decided in that moment to contact the account owner (who I assumed was this little girl’s mother) and ask for permission to share her pictures on the Wild About Barns Facebook and Instagram pages.


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Al Bear Chief

By in Fan Blog on on Nov 30, 2014

Barns, Horses, Selfies: Meet Alyssa, Fan Blog Author

Hello! My name is Alyssa, the one behind Wild About Barns Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. I also assist in production, book keeping, blogging, web design and, most importantly, behind-the-scenes-selfies.

Clyde Mare Selfie

( This was Pebbles and I. She’s a lovely Clydesdale broodmare at Warm Springs Ranch )

As you can tell, I wear many hats. Wild About Barns is a family run business, so we all wear many hats. My father is the President, my stepmother is the Executive Producer, my baby sister is the Barn Coordinator, and our dogs keep the office safe and secure.

Growing up in a barn, I have spent most of my life on the back of a horse. The team at Wild About Barns loves horse people…because we are horse people. I’ve ridden most of my life and dabbled in everything from Hunter/Jumper to Endurance, Cutting to Competitive Trail.

( I ride ride any time I have the chance, even on my wedding day lol )

I plan on covering just about everything in this blog, from behind the scenes stories about severely burning toast in an RV in Kansas, to the main differences between timber frame barns and all steal construction barns. (more…)

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By in From The Field on on Nov 15, 2014

Let the editing begin!

Winter has gripped Dallas for the past few days with temperatures dipping down into the 20s at night. Crazy early for this kind of weather. Luckily, I have escaped to the Texas coast to start editing for Wild About Barns. Me and Carlos (my editor) will be holed up in his condo on the beach for the next week bringing all the barn stories to life. We have a lot of work to do but I am SOOOOOO excited to see the shows come together. We begin airing on RIDE TV in 6 weeks.

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Pamela Trail ride

By in From The Field on on Oct 23, 2014

Time Off

Been a few weeks since we traveled…I’ve enjoyed my time home with the horses, Alice, Tanner Roo and Tan Tan. Dave and I went on a trail ride the other day at Brockdale for 3 hours – it was so fun and the horses enjoyed it too. Of course, we couldn’t walk for a few days after.  Aging is grand!

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By in From The Field on on Oct 19, 2014

1,500 miles

WOW friends, we logged over 1,500 miles on our RV driving through 5 states in 9 days. All to bring the best barn stories we can find in the great American country.

Crew and RV

Ingrid got to shoot clays at The Fork Ranch in Norwood, NC where every Spring, they hold the Olympic Trials for 3-day eventing. Jim the owner of The Fork is a true Southern gentleman. He spent the day driving us all over his 1,000 farm where he has a conservation easement so the farm will never be developed. (more…)

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By in From The Field on on Oct 14, 2014

Triple L Ranch and The Tennessee Barn Project

This is RV trip #2 – we flew to Cincinnati, Ohio and rented a large RV since we were driving a lot on this 9-day leg. We started in Kentucky shooting two barns there and then drove 5 hours to Tennessee. We spent one day with the Lee Family who are 5th generation ranchers living in a beautiful part of the state. They have 10 quilt barns on the property and all the barns have a specific function.  We also got to watch their sheep dog work the sheep and that was something to watch. Makes my dogs, Selena, Murphy and Champ, look super lazy and pampered.   We also met these two young craftsmen Luke and Jake Herring who are retrofitting 100 year old growth wood in restaurants, visitors centers and homes all over Franklin, TN.

Tenn Barn Project


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