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Wild About Barns: The Next Chapter


By in Fan Blog on on May 17, 2016


Wild About Barns enters a new chapter today!   And we want you to turn the page with us!

We are a community, a family of barn lovers 60,000+ members strong, who love to explore, admire and preserve barns not just across America but the World! Our journey with WAB has been wonderful, crazy, stressful, life changing and eye opening. There are truly great barns and honorable people all over the globe with rich stories that deserve to be told.  We enjoy hearing all your stories and will continue to do so online.

Up to this point, WAB has been a self-funded family run business.   It was the determination and passion of Pamela Kettle, our creator and producer, that got Wild About Barns on the air and in to your hearts.

While we absolutely love bringing these barn stories to the television nearest you, the truth is, we can’t do it anymore.   We have reached out to partners, investors, TV Networks, etc…and all say that Wild About Barns is too niche for TV, too narrow an audience to attract advertisers.  We pushed back arguing that the horse industry is a $3 Billion dollar industry, full of passionate people with real purchasing power. But, we just couldn’t break the mold.

We want to thank our US partner RIDE TV for airing Wild About Barns over the past year, we truly appreciate your partnership.  Also, our Canadian partner, The Rural Channel, thank you for sharing our stories with our Canadian community.    Thank you to Equus Film Festival and the Equus International Film Festival for honoring our TV Series with “Best in Show” awards.  Thank you to our fabulous production crew, writers, editors, musicians and most of all our fans.

Worry not, sweet friends. WAB ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE. The barn loving community that we’ve built will always be here for you…but we have made the decision to “press pause” on production of the show. We are not currently casting or in pre-production for Season 2. Our online presence will remain the same. We still want to see your incredible barn pictures, we still want to get to know you all and share your stories and memories and we hope you will continue to share them with us!

Now just because we aren’t planning on traveling the country with a film crew again doesn’t mean we can’t still take a journey together to see and learn about amazing barns! Keep posting, keep sharing! We will continue to welcome guest bloggers, fan photography showcases, educational articles and anything else our community loves. We’re in it for the long haul!

Until next time,

Pamela Kettle, Creator, Wild About Barns

Alyssa McCarthy Paker, Social Media Director, Wild About Barns


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