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Guest Blogger: Julie Hamilton-Saving The Barn ‘On Willow Pond’


By in Fan Blog on on Apr 14, 2016

Our barn’s repairs will cost over $70,000 and that will just cover exterior. As a real estate agent I cannot advise any acreage owner to spend that kind of money on a building that is not useful to future owners. Although a nice well-kept barn adds a lot of value to a property, fixing our barn will not add 70,000 to our property value. I would estimate half that. So how can I justify spending 70,000? I understand why people give up.

After doing some research we have discovered there is help out there. In our state there is the Iowa Barn foundation. Several states have non-profit barn foundations. There are tax incentives both state and federal. The Iowa Barn Foundation has many guide lines/rules to qualify for a grant. These are not easy to work through….daunting at times. But we are willing to do anything to save our barn! The Iowa Barn Foundation grant matches up to 50%. We have hope that they will help us. We will find out in a couple weeks if our barn qualifies.  
We will keep you updated when we find out!

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