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Ingrid “Works the Flag” at Flying C Bar Ranch

Flying C Bar Ride

By in From The Field on on Oct 05, 2014


Last day on this shoot and the crew is growing weary. When I used to do 2-3 week long shoots back in my 30s, I was never tired.  But now that i’m in my 50s, I grow tired and sore by about the one week mark of shooting. Aging – isn’t it grand!!!! We put Ingrid on a couple of great cutting horses today at the Flying C Bar Ranch in Depew, OK.

Ingrid "working the flag"

Ingrid “working the flag”

The first horse was fun, the second more seasoned cutting horse scared her to death. “He cuts like a rocket” she said. We covered more cutting and even chatted with a champion barrel racer and her horse Goose.  Awe, now tim to turn this RV for home and my husband, my dogs, my kids, my horses and my bed!

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